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Why we are different.......


Unlike so many nursery schools, our fees include everything. So there won’t be any surprises along the way, and you’ll find it so much easier to plan.


What’s included?

·         Fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals made with local and organic produce
·         Healthy snacks and drinks
·         Nappies, nappy cream, wipes and other consumables
·         Formula milk of your choice for your baby
·         Sun-cream


Additional Activities

As well as all of the fun activities that are provided by our staff team at Burley Nursery School, our children also have the opportunity to take part in additional activities, all with no additional cost to parents. 


Story Bees

Children at Burley Nursery School have the opportunity to join Story Bees sessions which are inspired by quality children's stories, giving children the opportunity to explore, learn and discover more about the themes of the text through creative and sensory play in a safe and fun environment.

For more information about Story Bees you can visit their website

Baby And Toddler Creative Sessions | Burley in Wharfedale | Story Bees


Scientots- Fun Science for Little People

From the age of three, children at Burley Nursery School have the opportunity to join a fortnightly Scientots workshop, covering a wide range of science topics, written specifically for younger children

For more information about Scientots you can visit their website

Scientots – Fun Science for Little People


Soma Wellness Yoga

At Burley Nursery School we have fortnightly yoga sessions. These include gentle movement, games, learning and relaxation all rolled into themed sessions. Some benefits of yoga are- it's a fun way to relax, it helps to develop listening and attention skills, it is good for balance and flexibility and it begins to introduce mindfulness.

For more information about our yoga sessions you can visit their website

Soma Kids | Soma Wellness (soma-wellness.co.uk)



All of our children have the opportunity to enjoy and explore seasonal walks around the village, with trips to the local park, the nature reserve and duck pond, there is always so much for them to see!